August 19, 2010

journaling but not

a few weeks back, tillie over at a nuttier life borrowed this idea from holly over at what holly has seen. it looked fun so i'm borrowing it, too... but only in part and not over 30 days :p

so here's the deal: it's a 30 day blog journal with the below daily topics. rather than give you 30 posts, i'm picking out only a few

Day 1: favorite song Day 16: a song that makes me cry (or nearly)
Day 2: favorite movie Day 17: an art piece (any medium)
Day 3: favorite television program Day 18: wedding (past, present or future)
Day 4: favorite book Day 19: a talent of mine
Day 5: favorite quote Day 20: a hobby of mine
Day 6: 20 of my favorite things Day 21: a recipe
Day 7: a photo that makes me happy Day 22: a website
Day 8: a photo that makes me angry/sad Day 23: a youtube video
Day 9: a photo I took Day 24: where I live
Day 10: a photo taken over 10 years ago of me Day 25: my day, in great detail
Day 11: a photo of me recently Day 26: my week, in great detail
Day 12: something i am OCD about Day 27: my worst habit
Day 13: a fictional book Day 28: what's in my handbag/purse
Day 14: a nonfictional book Day 29: hopes,dreams and plans for the next year
Day 15: my dream house Day 30: a dream for the future

day 6 - in no particular order: incubus, fight club (movie), how the grinch stole christmas (animated), valley of the dolls (book), the lorax (book & movie), cuddling, debating, dodge viper, kahlua, fancy sounding words, my blackberry, peanut butter, mac n cheese, saying silly shit to make my roommate snort his drink, baking, auntie mame (movie), tanya huff (author), star trek: the next generation, puzzles, when InSlut picks me up even though he shouldn't

day 16 - 3 libras by a perfect circle

day 28 - planner, wallet (with coupons and too many credit cards), work ID badge, weight watchers tracking book, camera, hand lotion, antibacterial waterless hand foam, tissues, checkbook, glass putty, weight watchers star catcher, car/house keys, old school ID, friend's business card, three pens, notes to self on index cards

day 11 - from our pittsburgh weekend. i make ridiculous faces, and he doesn't smile :p

day 24 - without getting too specific, i live in maryland between baltimore, annapolis and DC. i grew up here, and love it in spite of its crazy. my parents still live in the same house i grew up in, for which i've already called dibs. my brother got the VA property (yea, we have land that no one lives on in the middle of bumfuck). we left S with nothing because she's too slow and doesn't value property :p i can't tell you all that i love, but i really can't imagine living anywhere else. i've already thought up a compromise with InSlut just in case :)


so... i was mistaken. i forgot i had this saved post from earlier in the month, which, technically, makes this my 100th post. oops :) enjoy my goofy face and thoughts


Tillie said...

that's too cute. i never wound up finishing mine. I suck at journaling :) Your picture is so cute!!!

Sarah said...

I love the Valley of the Dolls--book and movie...have you seen the movie?? I've gotta check out this The Lorax book.

michelle said...

@tillie: heehee that's why i only picked out a few. and thanks :D

@sarah: ive wanted to see it, but haven't gotten to yet :)

S.I.F. said...

Happy 100th post!! That is super exciting!!

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