August 26, 2010

finding the bright spots

there are many things going on that are causing pouty to pop up on my face. rather than continue to whine about them, air my dirty laundry and scowl so hard my face gets stuck, i'm going to attempt to squee my little nerd heart out in hopes the happy will prevail...

a. one of the frustrations of my life is the arrival of my new laptop. however, let's refocus on the fact that I GOT A NEW LAPTOP. it is going to be so fucking sweet. after a few late nights (witnessed only by twitter and my boyfriend), i settled on the HP dv6t select (no touchscreen). 6G memory, intel i5 core, 500G storage, office professional with publisher and access... i'm equal parts swoony and turned on. i love me some new tech. i can't wait to set it up and name it. first program downloaded? firefox. second program downloaded? skype. third program downloaded? your mom because i got the space for her :p i also ordered an external hard drive (1T... mmm terabytes) and a flash drive (8G). i have SO much storage now; i feel so spoiled :) i'm also ordering skins cause i like customized and pretty stuff. i love that i can skin almost anything, including my new hardware. i'll probably use my own photo, but part of me wants this:

b. because i was so frustrated with life, i opted for a mental health day tuesday. i spent half of it in bed, doing jack shit. well that's not entirely true; i was doing stuff related to my grumblings... in the afternoon, i decided i was treating myself to a movie. i had the right amount of time before UB's orientation to see scott pilgrim vs. the world. it was totally meant to be :) i looked a little too cute to be seeing a mega-nerd movie sans mega-nerd boyfriend, but that's my allure. the theater was totally empty except for two classic mega-nerds a couple rows in front of me. it was FABULOUS. the movie was super awesome (i need kim and wallace to be friends with me immediately :)). matinee equals a small savings. and did i mention the practically empty theater? best weekday afternoon ever. orientation was also good, but scott pilgrim was definitely the highlight of my day

c. if you follow me on twitter, you've probably seen me gush over glass. explaining writing on glass has proven to be kinda hard. i've tried to get friends and my mom on it with no luck. i did nab a couple people though so i have peeps to share my ridiculousness with. what is glass? a firefox (and, in the future, chrome) add-on that allows you to "write" on a webpage. what is glass to me? a tool for sharing silly, political and/or nerdlicious web content. i can send my thoughts without having to copy/tiny a link for email/twitter. plus no more flipping back and forth between the email conversation and the page cause it's all right there in one spot. if all contacts have a particular slide open at the same time, you can live chat about the slide. kinda like gchat, but on any page on the internets. i also use it to bookmark various pages, which i can print out (with the slide on the page) to stick in my secret binder. glass has many uses only limited by you (and the current programming ;)). as it's still in beta, access to the add-on is through invitation only. lucky for you, i have a few invitations. if you're interested in taking glass for a spin, just ask for one (send me your email, i'll send the invite). keep in mind that you have to use the invite within five days or it'll poof back to me. if you're secretly already on glass (i'm looking at you sneaky followers), you should add me :) [update: and i forgot to mention the simply amazing customer service. have a suggestion? having issues? want help planning an event? (seriously, a few of us helped a guy with his proposal) email or tweet them and you're going to get a personal response every single time. nothing makes me a happier user/consumer than excellent service]

...well this got longer than i expected. longer post about happy equals a happier mood, right? let's hope so


Ashes said...

I would love love love to have an invitation to glass. Sounds like something I would LOVE.

michelle said...

sent! :D

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