July 2, 2010

i'm a child

reasons i never want to be considered an adult...

~because i still giggle at 55378008 on the calculater

~because i occasionally have the sexual appetite of a 16 year old boy

~because i enjoy spending my mornings watching nick jr. (hell yea, blues clues)

~because i also think hannah montana is the shit

~because i buy froot loops and eat them for dinner

~because i still let my mom pay for my car insurance

~because our family vacations always dissolve into "X's touching me! get OFF me or i'll fart on you"

~because i always get the bowl and the good spoon when mom bakes

~because i cry when an authority figure disciplines me (and not in a "please let me out of this ticket because i'm a girl boohooo" kind of way)

~because i own eleventy billion stuffed animals taking up residency at my parents' house


emily-jane.net said...

Love it. I still have trouble referring to myself as an "adult" - I wonder at what point it feels natural?

michelle said...

lol the day that happens is the day i know i'm old

Sarah said...

Yeah, i still think i need to receive a stuffed stocking at Christmas AND an Easter basket on Easter! Guess my family does NOT feel the same way!!!

Tillie said...

hehe boobs.

Brittney said...

LOL. Me too, me too. Especially the last one.

michelle said...

@Sarah: i'm on your side. luckily, so is my mom :) i'm pretty sure we'll keep getting easter baskets for ourselves until one of us pops out a baby lol

@tillie: hahahahah sometimes i think i should go back to the 3rd grade for that alone

@Britt: it's a step up that i'm no longer treating them like my babies (with their own medical records and library cards), but only a small step up :)

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