June 17, 2010

pretend wife

i spent the last two weekends at InSlut's playing house :) 1st weekend, he had off so he had a cook in. original plan was to cook out, but there were complications with the charcoal. george forman saved the day, and we had delicious burger goodness. i also got to meet a few of his friends. it went well, but i'm still deciding how i feel about some of them. it's weird meeting people you've been hearing about for months. K was probably the closest to who i constructed in my head... 2nd weekend, InSlut was working so i had to entertain myself during the day. i told him it was practice heh. he doesn't have a set schedule with his job (oh crazy shift work) so there will be many occasions when he'll be working when i'm not. my goal was to get a bit of reading done, marathon "true blood" and be generally housewifey. i didn't meet all of my goals, but it was still a good weekend

i headed up friday (a bit later than i'd wanted) after stopping at whole foods and CF's (got to see LF, too). met S (the new roommate), who i'd already decided i liked. InSlut and i ended up watching random stuff on tv, and i got a bit annoyed with him at one point. it was a small thing on top of other small things that tipped me over the edge. i went to bed mad, but was over it when i got up saturday. sometimes i just need to be an anger ball, but i usually get over it quickly. i made him blueberry pancakes before he headed out for work. after he left, i had a couple bites of pancake, put on my workout clothes and headed out for a seven mile walk. i managed to survive all three hours of my walk, and promptly took a nap when i got back to the house. it wasn't really on purpose though. post nap, i had some bacon, washed some dishes and turned on the food network. around five, i willed myself off the couch to get a shower and hit the grocery store for the last couple items needed for dinner/my sunday breakfast. saturday, i made salmon burgers (and by made i mean bought at whole foods) over baby spinach with feta/olive oil and cornbread on the side. grilled chicken over baby spinach with olive oil and cornbread made sunday's menu. he enjoyed all of it (mostly cause of the cornbread ;)), which made me feel pretty good. i even whipped out my apron for the first time on sunday; it's my favorite part of being domesticated

in non-healthy undomesticated news, we watched book of eli saturday night, and i got through all of "true blood" season1 on sunday. i did a bit of research for my papers, but i didn't get any reading done. we also stayed up til almost 4am talking since one of us couldn't sleep. during our chat, he commented on the fact we don't really talk during our weekends together. i'm always on my computer or blackberry, and he doesn't like interrupting me. of course, i felt like a complete asshole for letting my internet addiction impede my awesome girlfriendness. so i tried to time everything on sunday so that we could talk like people when he got off work. if i had a vacuum and heels, i probably would've pulled a june cleaver. he was grouchy when he got home though (had to stay late again) so not much talking was done. i made dinner; we watched a few season2 episodes of "true blood" and the season3 premiere. i had to leave shortly after since i had to work on monday. it was an insanely quick weekend (slash couple of weeks), and i miss him terribly. i had fun being the pretend wife for a weekend... but it further reinforced the wish that it wasn't pretend...


Soph! said...

7 mile walk!? I'm impressed. after 2.5 I'm done :P I would love to think it's because of the heat and that the path I walk is basically a mountain! It's crazy how much I climb. But it's mostly because I'm lazy!

Sounds like you had a good weekend(s). Was it your first time watching True Blood? I'm guessing you liked it since you watched ALL of the seasons and you geeked out about my twitter link ;)

michelle said...

lol i'd only caught a couple episodes in the past; this was the first time i watched a full season :) i wish netflix was streaming s2 cause i want to watch more now

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