March 17, 2010

what's this? a post with substance? why, yes little blog friends it is. midterms are over, and it's spring break. my brain is finally sighing in relief

InSlut sent me this link a few weeks ago when i was having a rough day. it's soooo true. i just got my grades for bio, and i'm feeling pretty ok. i know i need to step it up for the rest of the semester, but i'm not as far in the hole as originally thought. i want at least B's, and i'm sitting at a low B- in bio currently. i have no idea how i'm doing in stats since our prof doesn't really use webtycho (the red headed step brother to blackboard). it sucks, but i'm assuming i have an A. i'm hoping to use spring break to ramp up. i have 2-3 chapters to read each week, between the two classes. if i can get some reading knocked out this week, i should be in a good place for the rest of the semester

unfortunately, i have already wasted two days of prime reading time. how typical. my boss is in spain on business (lucky ducky) so it's been slow at work. i was a bad employee who rolled into the office at 2 and left at 4 today. partly because i could not get myself out of bed today. partly because i was chilling at the DMV this afternoon. sidebar: i now have a new license with a new picture; i look more me and less parolee now :) i was planning to stay at the office until 5, but people were getting on my nerves. there are several new people sitting  in the cubes near me, and they are loud bastards sometimes. i took care of a few in office things, and bolted immediately after. the plan was to do a few mandatory trainings and read when i got home. instead i took out some trash, finished unpacking my car, started laundry, putzed on the internet and talked to InSlut. somehow i managed to use up 5 hours with my (mostly) unproductiveness. i didnt even eat dinner until 930 because i wasnt paying attention. so for the rest of the week, i'm putting myself on a schedule. each day has specific items to tackle...

w: mandatory trainings, reading bio, catching up on blogs and laundry
th: work related stuff, reading stats, more blog catch up and cleaning
f: work stuff, reading bio, and finishing (hopefully) my blog catch up
sat: unpacking, stats problems, reading bio, CSS training, DVR clean out
sun: unpacking, blogging, reading bio & stats, catching up on project runway

each item gets a 2-3 hour block until the weekend; i'm hoping that helps me keep my focus... i'll worry about next week's to do's on sunday. for now it's time for bed. i shouldve been asleep 5 hours ago :p oops