October 29, 2009

i hate being the last human in human resources... well thats partially a true statement. i hate that im stuck with all the hr nonsense from the last 11 years. it's insane how much useless paper has been left lying around. ive already gone through three drawers of stuff, which isn't even close to done. im barely even half way with the small section im going through. then i have 3 more filing cabinets to tackle. luckily, those are in a separate space so it's not as pressing i get it taken care of now. on the other hand, it's still a bunch of crap (mostly duplicate information) that has to go. i have this monstrous stack of papers on my desk currently because all the shred bins are full (bc our parent company sucks). i cant dump anything off yet, and im sure this pile will only get bigger...

KB, if you are out there, i want you to know that i hate your lack of organization. no one needs 2 electronic copies and 3 hard copies of every document ever received. it's a waste of trees, space and effort. if i met you on the street, i would punch you square in the face... right after i kick joe lieberman in the gnads

ugh this whole "project" is putting me in a bad mood...

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Anonymous said...

dear color scheme,

please change... I can't read you

A right handed person.

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