this bitch

the short: i'm one of those 20somethings who is addicted to the interwebs. i have a job with a company i hate and enormous debt from years of schooling

the long: i've always found it difficult talking about myself. so you get this handy, random bulleted list
  • i prefer my middle name to my first name. altogether though, in a literal translation, my name means i'm jesus
  • i joke about god, jesus and christianity. mostly because i think people take "the word" too literally and miss the point of the message. plus a good jesus is hung joke never goes out of style
  • i'm a registered independent voter, and i vote in every election i can. you can call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want. though by now, i might as well become a socialist :p
  • i believe in equality - race, gender, LGBT, whatever - for equality's sake. we're all human and every one of us matters the same amount. "you are not a special and unique snowflake" (name that movie)
  • i love zombie movies, philosophical debates and nerd jokes
  • i'm a psychology grad student and a full time project manager. one has nothing to do with the other. however, my life is chaotic because of both
  • i like prime numbers, multiples of three and odd numbers under 10. can you guess my favorite number?
  • i think with my head more often than my heart. i was probably a vulcan in a past life
  • i talk with my hands so beware if i'm holding any sharp objects. i've also been known to stab people who attempt to eat off my plate... it was just a fork; i didn't draw blood
  • i'm introverted, but not shy. the two are not synonymous, contrary to popular belief. i may be "slow to warm", but i'm working on not being awkward or standoffish around new people
if that wasn't enough for you, go read about how i am entirely too much or look back at my ups and downs in losing 67.8 pounds on weight watchers

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