July 15, 2013

2013 goals: midyear update

i have so many unfinished posts floating around in here. one of these days, i will finish one. the one i started saturday night is definitely an important one for me. it's also going to be a really hard post to create. but on to something less difficult: my goals

i finally sat down yesterday (no choice when you're trapped in a car for 12 hours) and reassessed. i deleted, updated and condensed. my goal areas, of course, haven't changed (professional development, physical & mental health and financial management), but now i have 15 goals - some specific, some general. all focused on improving and growing. one step towards accomplishing or at least moving in the direction of my goals is to let my planning go *shudder* which is so tough

the last few weeks have highlighted a lot of things for me. one of which is my strong "need" to plan and my complete lack of follow through. so i am stepping back from my hyper regimented life. having a plan is helpful, but i waste WAY too much time plotting out details. i'm too mentally exhausted to actually do anything. i truly can't continue living like this so i am going to try doing things differently. we'll see how it all goes...