January 21, 2013

serving more

participated in a king holiday community service project today through UB. we helped a local organization clean up one of the many forgotten areas of baltimore: oliver. this day has made me think of a lot so i thought i'd jot down some reminders (and tips) for participating in community service

- wear comfy clothes with pockets and good shoes
- if you're working outside, remember to layer appropriately for the cold or heat
- you are not thor. ask for help moving and lifting things
- be courteous and polite to your fellow volunteers
- remember that people are still people even when brought together to do some good
- be patient
- if you're doing trash cleanup, wear thick gloves
- you have access to soap, water and laundry
- there is at least one person who will appreciate what you're trying to do
- you are returning to warmer environments, but for some warmth is a luxury
- still enjoy that deliciously hot bath and hot tea
- manual labor is free exercise [one of our group mentioned this heh]
- you know when you've reached your true limit and need to take a break
- your muscles will recover from the extra exertion
- remember that you wanted to be more involved in the community
- you can't pick up every minute broken unwanted thing, but you sure as hell shouldn't walk away without trying
- this is just a first step

now that some parts of my life are slowing down, i'm hoping to increasingly involve myself in service projects. it's one of the many reasons i'm pledging DST (oh, yea. that's happening). i always want to give back, and now i finally have the ability to do more than give money :)

now excuse me as a crawl into bed with bengay ;)