January 10, 2013

2013 goals

and then i figured it out at 1am

i have five overarching goals i plan to focus on this year
financial: stick to a budget to work on paying down debt
physical: focus on food and fitness to drop weight
physical: take care of the little things to prevent health issues
mental: make time for myself and people in my life
professional: grow as a counselor in and out of session
my crazy list of 30 specific goals fit snuggly under these umbrellas, which, organizationally, makes my life much saner :)

yes, i said 30... one of which i'm already failing at. boo. i'll spare you the details because i'm trying not to look completely type a for a change. i'm deleting my goal tracker since it's not really helping. instead, i'm putting everything in my planner. crossing things off seems more fun than checking off boxes. plus i can interject little rewards on the list to keep myself motivated

a bit of my usual initial motivation is creeping in. i'm excited to work on things now that a plan is starting to gel. i just need to do better at not slipping into sustained slumps. i have a lot of great support (thanks, all of you!!!). i'm just terrible at using that support to help me through rough patches. maybe i should make that #31 ;) for now, i'm off to attack my planner. woohoo!